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The process of software design and implementation

To launch a comprehensive software, the engineering and implementation steps must be fundamental

Preliminary design and planning

Initial implementation of the software

Fixing faults and defects

Final output and delivery to the customer

Features of digital signage software

Part of the features of professional digital signage software and its production process

content managment

content management

Broadcasting all kinds of photos and videos and controlling the screens, live television broadcasting, cameras connected to the network, showing environmental pollutants, sharia times, daily prices of currency and coins, etc. Contents

User panel

Determining the types of screens with different dimensions, determining the coordinates and size of the broadcast, viewing active and inactive screens, the possibility of monitoring the hardware status of the screen, viewing online stations on the map and other facilities.

network security

Security in the software

Utilizing powerful security firewalls in the software and having an AFTA security certificate from Iran's Information Technology Organization (Iran's Ministry of Communications and Technology) and trusted by FAVA Organization (Information and Communication Technology) of Mashhad Municipality

software development

software development

The possibility of developing the software based on the customer's needs and personalizing it for different organizations and organizations, continuous updating and basic implementation of the software for the use of the relevant organization.

Motion graphics features of digital signage

موشن گرافیک دیجیتال ساینیج

Baharan System digital signage software for public relations

Digital signage software for environmental pollutants, Baharan System

Join the great Baharan System community

Baharan System community is a strong ecosystem in web application programming and development, which uses all modern programming and coding methods in the design and implementation of its software to provide a product with high quality and productivity. Put your customers.

بهاران سیستم

Baharan is the leading system in web development

Baharan System has tried to implement the best frameworks for the development of web applications with its many years of experience and update the designed platforms according to the needs of the day.

In Baharan system software, in addition to wide functionality and features, performance speed and security have been design priorities.

Professional support and being responsive around the clock is one of Baharan System’s honors to provide the best service to users.

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