Head office: Mashhad - Shariati 40, Arta administrative/commercial building, second floor, unit 205

Sales office: Mashhad - 18 Pasteur corner, No. 144

Email: info@baharansys.ir

Mobile: 0936 004 0411

Phone: 051-91014701


About Us

درباره بهاران سیستم

Baharan System

our services in Bahar Toos institute involved implementation of the public telephone
management software in Mashhad Telecommunication Organization since 2000. In
2015, the company’s name changed to Baharan system and new products were
launched including analytical, accounting and monitoring customer-ordered software

>> Policy

thanks to the fast pace of technology development in recent decades, also
considering hardware and network facilities brought together in Baharan system, it is
now practicable to establish and design our services on the cloud based
infrastructure, plus security is guaranteed for our services due to security check
certificates of our products receiving annually,thus our customers can use our cloud
based software with peace of mind besides lower cost pays for purchase and

>> Advantages of Baharan system software

بهاران سیستم

Integrated Baharan System Team

Abolfazl Hemmati

Managing Director of Baharan System Software Company with 18 years of experience in the development and programming of office and commercial software and forming a software company and creating employment for young programmers and experts in the country.

Afshin Najafi

Computer engineering expert with 15 years of programming experience in various backend fields

Farzaneh Khaleghi

Office worker with 19 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in social work