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نرم افزار های بهاران سیستم

Digital signage software

The online software for managing and broadcasting content on all types of screens is exclusively produced and supplied with full support and quality assurance by Baharan System Company, and its services are provided to all administrative and commercial bodies such as municipalities and... in the country. It will be given.

Baharan digital signage software features

Broadcasting and content management:

Playing all kinds of photos and videos and all kinds of content in different formats
Control and manage all displays in a single web-based software
Live broadcasting of television channels
Live broadcast from the camera connected to the display
Fixed and moving subtitles with adjustable playback speed
Playing the Sharia and Azan file according to the location of each screen
Play the audio file to play on the content
Show site and blog
Show time, date (solar, lunar, Gregorian)
Online broadcasting of environmental pollutants with the possibility of updating
Online streaming of currency prices/gold/coins/domestic and foreign flight schedules.
Play content as picture in picture

Software management (user panel)

Definition of different types of screens with different sizes (urban widescreen, LCD TVs, video wall, etc.)
Determine the coordinates and size of the playback in each display
Ability to have an unlimited number of displays
View active and inactive displays as icons in a single form
It is possible to view online the amount of storage, cpu, Ram of each monitor
View online stations on the map of Iran and the world
Defining network equipment and viewing their online status
Definition of network map graphically
Manage the bandwidth used for each display separately

Possibility of automatic scheduling for:

Loading the playlist on any screen (network traffic management)
Turning the display off and on
Clear memory

Reporting in the software, SMS platform, WhatsApp or Telegram for:

Disconnecting and connecting any monitor
The broadcasted content of each screen (time and frequency)
User activity history
Announcing the amount played of each content and the remaining credit for the user
Report of playback stops of any content

Content broadcast online request platform:

The possibility of uploading content online
Choosing the time and frequency of broadcast
Selection of content display screens from the point of view of geographical location and number
Choosing a reporting platform (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram)
Cost estimation and online payment

Network and content security

Has an EFTA security certificate from Iran’s Information and Technology Organization (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology)
Trusted by FAVA Organization (Information and Communication Technology) of Mashhad Municipality.

Motion graphic digital signage:

گالری تصاویر

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